Welcome to Furry Tech!

What is this?

This is the official website of the Furry Tech rooms, you will find here the list of official and endorsed rooms as well as the rules and moderation teams of those.

Some rooms may only be joined by people that are 18+ (or 21+ depending on your location). If you are a minor, please refrain from joining those rooms or else you'll be banned until you are of age.

Don't know what is Matrix? Well, go check out our small explanation and come say Hello!

Also check out the page where you can see all the flags from our member's countries.

Rooms of the network

Please note that channels marked with the 18+ (18+) icon requires you to be an adult and have additional rules.

We also have a Mumble server!

A space containing the rooms is also available at #furry-space:jae.fi.

Meet the team

The team is present in all official Furry Tech channels, please contact them if you need any assistance.


  • Java (@java:furry.lol)
  • Jae (@me:jae.fi)


  • Mindraj (@mindraj:tchncs.de)
  • Husky Boi (@husky_boi:xerbo.net)
  • Wolffy (@wolffy:wolffy.eu)
  • Skunky (@skunky:furry.lol)


Those are the rules you must follow while interacting with Furry Tech channels. Non-compliance to those terms of usage will result in your removal of the room. Rooms are also now plural-friendly.

Bans are effective through the whole network of rooms.

General Rules

Some Recommendations